Wrapping Up Pittsburgh

It’s time to wrap up the rest of the Pittsburgh trip.  On Friday, we went exploring all over Pittsburgh.  Here’s the weekend in a nutshell via Instagram pictures.

Robyn’s first Carnegie Mellon gear

Carnegie Mellon campus


Pittsburgh’s famous sandwich shop – Primanti Bros.

For as much as they’re raved about, it wasn’t that great.


Yes, it was 67 degrees in the middle of the afternoon.  They are enjoying beautiful fall weather now.

Other downtown sites.  The Macy’s was 11 stories and reminded me of Harrod’s in London.


There is a 2-story Target down the street from Robyn’s apartment.  Robyn got to feel like a freshman all over again, as we shopped for her apartment.  The best part of the Target was the escalator made for shopping carts.  Coolest thing ever! I saw one in Washington D.C. last summer and thought the same thing then.

Friday night we had the best meal of the trip.  It was at this cool pizza restaurant across the river.  The street it was on reminded me a lot of Northgate in College Station or 6th Street in Austin.  We split three different slices of pizza and people watched out the windows.


Saturday morning had three things on the agenda – making my resume, buying Robyn pepper spray, and flying back to Texas.  Without curtains on her windows yet, we were woken up by a very bright sunrise.  That was the perfect excuse to bust out Adobe and revamp my resume.  The sun posed as a challenge to blinding us, so we gave the visors some more use (look closely at the resume picture to see Robyn sporting hers).


This is just one example of the many times our Dad referred to a paper map.  Electronics and technology hold no precedence over the old fashioned version of things for my Dad.

Before Robyn dropped us off at the airport, my dad wanted to get her some pepper spray.  With no Academy or Gander Mountain, Dick’s Sporting Goods was our best option.  We were directed to the gun counter for the mace.  The guy employee at the counter was about Robyn and my age.  The first thing my dad asked him (with all seriousness) was if they had bear spray.  I died laughing while Robyn was mortified that the words “bear spray” had just come out of our dad’s mouth.  Really – bear spray?  Naturally, they do NOT  sell bear spray.  It is a special order item.  I’m not sure what Robyn would have done with an 8 oz can of pepper spray anyway.  Instead, we went with the normal people .5oz option.

With the pepper spray bought, we could finally go to the airport.  We said goodbyes and took one last picture together.  I think it is probably the best from the trip.

And off we flew.

Pittsburgh is great.  The move was lots of fun.  And Robyn is happily settled for 2 years.  I won’t see Pittsburgh for a while, but the next time I do it will involve Thanksgiving, cold weather, and a trip to NYC for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  Until then, Robyn and I live vicariously through each other’s states.  She totally has the better state right now.

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4 Responses to Wrapping Up Pittsburgh

  1. Kathryn Head says:

    WRONG. Robyn does not love in the better state because TEXAS is the best state! Duh! Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade!? How cool!

    • I agree, Texas is the best state; however, right now fall has arrived in Pennsylvania which means it’s temporarily better. The parade will be SO cool. And yeah, Robyn has the cutest apartment in the hood!!

  2. Momma says:

    I’m with Kat on this one. Texas will always be best. We’ll eventually get cool. We will. I know we will…

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