iPhone Randomness

I recently uploaded the pictures from my phone.  There were around 600 or so.  Today you’re in for a real treat.  These are random pictures from July to now.

Princess Charlotte


And princess Eli.  (The princess dress up jewelry is a HIGHLY coveted toy!)

“Kissy Lips”

I taught Eli and Charlotte that we wash our hands & face with soap and water every time after we eat.  Charlotte loved to keep her mouth open and stick her tongue out while I washed her face.  To remedy that, I came up with “kissy lips.”  She and I keep our mouths closed and make kisses while I wash her face.  Eli ended up getting jealous and started doing kissy lips on his own while he cleaned up after meals too.

Batman in a rocket ship (aka big red car turned on its side) and miss Stana Hope sitting up.


Bubble blowing and Eli’s hoarding spot for any toys he doesn’t want Charlotte to play with.


More kiddos – this time Addie and Josh, cousins in San Antonio.


My favorite 6 month old right now.  Miss Vivie

I didn’t send much mail this summer, but I did get out a little happy mail.


A canvas I made for my Dell supervisor this summer.


Last day with Charlotte, Eli, and Stana.


We like making bubbles and holding them in our mouths.  I started this to get Eli to breathe when he gets upset (usually when he is in time out).


Eli telling Stana that “she loves him” and “is going to marry him” over and over.  It was adorable.

The workout I did a few times while gone from San Marcos.  It is MUCH harder than what I thought it would be.

New hood ornament that rode a good 30 miles with me one day this summer.

Old door knobs from Canton turned into drawer knobs for my dresser.


Some inspiration from Anthropology.


Teaching little fingers how to play.

And those are just few moments of my homegrown joy.  Posts coming soon will be filled with some Aggie lovin’ and veggie tales.

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