Weekend Rambles

I had such a good weekend.  I love traveling to see friends, but sometimes three days at home is a wonderful thing.

When the cool front arrived on Friday, I had two things on my mind.  Pumpkins and boots. Later in the afternoon I was talking to Robyn and asked her to guess what I was wearing.  She didn’t have a clue.  When I told her boots, she paused and then cautiously said “with shorts?”  I was like “of course not.”  Some people can pull of the boots and shorts look.  I’m not one of them.

After talking to Robyn, I went and got my hair cut at the beauty school in New Braunfels.  I had great luck there in July so I thought I would go back.  The girl I had this time was graduating in a week and had a year of experience which sounded promising.  As she started cutting my hair, she repeatedly remarked on how she’s “done with school” and “checked out.”  Neither of those things were comforting as she hacked away at my hair.  Before I left, she was trimming hair she had missed.  I knew my hair was going to be a fluffy afro because it had no product in it and it had been touched way too much.  Until I washed it, I wouldn’t have a good grasp of her “handiwork.”  Saturday morning I used about 10 bobby pins to attempt to get it in a ponytail for the rec.  It is very short (especially my bangs).  I had to laugh at the 4-5 attempts it took me.  When I got home and washed it, I realized the left side was an entire inch to inch & a half longer than the right.  So there I was standing over my bathroom sink with sewing scissors attempting to even out my hair.  I’m sure I was a site to see. There isn’t a picture for your viewing pleasure.  Just imagine.

With my fluffy hair in tow, I headed to the movies to see Lawless.  Lauren had recommended it and all I knew was that it was about moonshiners.  I was imagining a funny comedy with folksy boys kind of like O Brother Where Art Thou.  Boy was I wrong.  About 20 minutes in, I seriously contemplated walking out.  It is well produced and has great actors, but there is so much killing.  Lots of blood, throat slitting, shooting without reason, and other brutal stuff.  Yuck.  At the end, I found out that it was a true story.  It is hard for me to fathom what prohibition was like even after watching the movie.

Boots, fluffy uneven afro, and Jackie Chan look-a-like

Saturday I ran into Megan at the rec and we worked out together.  I think she may be joining me for some 6 AM workouts this week. Fun!  The rest of Saturday I spent studying for my comprehensive exams  or working on homework.  I had to have study breaks so naturally I made them fit with the fall weather.  I roasted some butternut squash (my new favorite vegetable) and pulled out my pumpkin decor.  I also made a ribbon garland with fall colors.

I watched The Hunger Games while I made the garland.  Another bad movie choice.  I knew the premise going in, but had no idea the movie would show the violent killing and murders of the kids.  My heart was already worn out from the grief and turmoil it felt the night before.    Luckily, I had two more happier movies as back up for the weekend.  I watched the Lucky One and The Lorax Saturday night and Sunday.

Sunday it rained almost all day.  The best part of the day was leaving church yesterday night and seeing a beautiful rainbow.  I couldn’t remember the last time I saw a complete one.   The arch was so big that I couldn’t get it in one picture.  Just pretend those connect.


My top sweet spots from this weekend:

Cool fall weather

Wearing boots

Laughable fluffy short hair

Using all my covers to go to sleep (yes, it was that cool!)

Catching up with Robyn

Receiving my first offer to interview for a Child Life Internship

Lots of movie watching

Roasted and mashed butternut squash

Surrounding myself with ribbon

Seeing God’s great timing and sense of humor in a beautiful rainbow

Laughing at my hair anytime I look in a mirror

Listening to my current favorite song which you can download for free this week on KLOVE

“A grateful heart makes life sweet.”

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