A little place called Aggieland

Anyone who was around me or talked to me two weeks ago knew how excited I was to go visit College Station.  My trip was filled with all sorts of Aggie things.

First stop, Whoop Stop outside of Bastrop.

When I got into town, I went straight to St. Mary’s.  I saw a few old friends including my very special and wonderful angel, Erica, from Aggie Awakening leadership.  Marcel and I are on more of a 4-6 month rotation for spiritual direction these days.  I just don’t make it to College Station that often.  We had a little hurrah for how God is blessing my life.  I have a very grateful and content heart.  Patience and worrying is something that is still a constant potential stressor, but I have found joy in leaving the worrying to God.  He knows where I am needed and supposed to be.

Megan and I caught up in a fast and furious manner.  Our conversation changed topics about every 60 seconds or so.  We made a new adventure memory figuring out what to do with her old tv.  Goodwill wouldn’t take it and she didn’t want to put it outside sketchy Bryan apartments in broad daylight, so we settled for my original idea of leaving it by the dumpster.  She was convinced (from her younger brother) that the tv was linked from its serial number to her parents and that she/they could get fined for not recycling it.  After one laughable phone call to her dad, her brother’s theory was put to rest.  This was an “I told you so” moment.  Her doubt that anyone would want it was also put to rest when it was gone the next day!

We debated what to do before I left for my Aggie family’s house.  I remembered I had never been inside the MSC since the renovations.  Friday was the best option to visit before the 90,000 visitors got into town for the game.  The outside looks kind of similar with some modern touches.


The inside looks very different with expansive windows that flood the 12th Man Hall with natural light.  It really sparkles.  The flag room’s essence is still intact with a few updates from flooring and furniture.  The Singing Cadets were performing before First Yell and it was a real treat to hear them.


There are two art galleries in the MSC with rotating collections.  I am not an artsy fan, but when I saw the “blue dog” art from George Rodrigue I freaked out a bit.  The clown dog was my favorite from his gallery.  I told Megan that it was so cool she had his artwork at her school.  Just an added tiny reason that I love A&M.


The bookstore, meetings rooms, cafeteria, and study spaces were all in the same locations.  That brought back memories of studying or going to informationals for clubs freshman year.  Megan hadn’t experienced everything the MSC offers as the “living room” of campus because it was under construction when she started school.  Now she spends all her time on west campus.  I think I convinced her by the end of touring that it was a worthwhile place to hang out.  I sure do miss it.


Leaving campus we saw Spence Park staked out for people’s tailgates.  My afternoon was made with our instagramed picture in front of Kyle Field.


Feeling the Aggie spirit all around, we went and hit up another to-do on game day weekends – the tent sale!  These days the tent sale is in a warehouse and the shirts aren’t $5 like they were four years ago.  My A&M shirts are all too big so I got a couple of new ones.


That night I hung out and spent several hours catching up with my Aggie family.  Tim, the dad, was completely shocked at how I looked.  His reaction along with many other positive ones over the weekend made me realize how far I have come.  I often am focused more on the goal and end result than the progress.  Little affirmations and compliments are kind reminders.  Before I left, Janette gave me an R to add to my collection.  Each family member was given a square to decorate and then she decopauged them onto an R.  It is a perfect representation of each of them and the wonderful four years we’ve had together.

In a moment of Aggie hype and part craziness, I told Lauren that I would go with her to midnight yell.  When I got to her house, Liza and Desta were snuggled into bed and couldn’t be convinced by my best efforts to come with us.  We realized the rest of College Station had the same idea as us as we waited for almost 30 minutes outside the gates of Kyle Field just to get in.  After finding her friends,  we did a few yells, sang We Bleed Maroon performed live by Granger Smith, and Lauren mugged down for the first time.  It was lots of fun reliving the glory days as freshmen when we were young and carefree.


One day down, and two to go.  Stay tuned for game day stories.

“There’s a spirit can ne’er be told.”

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