Incredibly Blessed

What a week and whirlwind 5 weeks.  I’ll be posting a fully detailed internship post next week (along with some creative packed art retreat posts), but I do have some good news to share before next Tuesday.

I received an offer for an internship from MUSC Children’s in South Carolina!!!!  This means I will officially be interning next spring.  As for my decision, I’m waiting until offer day, Tuesday, to figure out where God wants me to be.

In other news…..

My heart swells with gratitude from the daily support and encouragement from those around me.  Tonight I was reminded of how much people matter, the positive impact and influence I can have on those around me, and the reason I am called to be a Child Life Specialist.

Kelsey, a workout friend and fellow Child Life student, is someone I am so glad to have met through class and the Rec.  She is still participating in interviews and very anxiously awaiting offer day.  While we are both normally early morning exercisers, today was different.  She was interviewing in Houston and I took my comprehensive exams.  Tonight, we both happened to be at the rec to get a workout in for some therapeutic sweaty stress relief.  It was clear from her cheery and eager hello that she wanted to chat.  She shared her latest interview stories and worries.  She also asked about my news from South Carolina since she hadn’t heard yet.  And she talked about the overwhelming well-intentioned support she’s been receiving.  This is Kelsey’s second time to apply and interview for Child Life internships.  Her family and everyone around her has showered her with hopeful and positive messages like “you’ve got this, you’ll get multiple offers, etc.”  While she feels the love from these messages, they are a source of frustration for her.  Just like me and all the other students, she has no guarantee about offers.  With sweat and interview make-up dripping off her face, she went about her workout as I started mine.

I made a point to find Kelsey before I left the rec knowing that we wouldn’t see each other until Wednesday after offers and decisions.  At this point, it was so clear that she just needed someone to listen.  Tonight was the most I’ve “talked (really more listen)” with Kelsey and I walked away feeling so incredibly blessed.  I was able to meet her where she was at, listen, and provide the chance for her to express her worries, concerns, and fears about her last out-of-state interview and offers (sounds a lot like what a Child Life Specialist does).  I told her how much I would be thinking of her and offering prayers.  Ultimately, we both hope that everyone in the program gets an internship somewhere.  As we said goodbyes and good lucks, she was telling herself “I got this, I got this.”  I responded by nodding, listening, and saying “I’ll let you say that and I’ll keep thinking of you.”  She was then so grateful because that’s just what she needed.  She didn’t need any more well-intentioned sentiments.  She then responded by saying “that’s just what a Child Life Specialist would say.”

My time with Kelsey tonight reminded of meeting people where they are at without our own agenda in mind.  I would say listening is often more valuable than talking.  She is just one example of the daily joy I receive from the people God puts in my life.  And it’s all about the joy.

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One Response to Incredibly Blessed

  1. Janette says:

    Riley, I am so excited for you!! I will keep praying as you discern where God wants you, and I will add Kelsey to my prayers too! (And I love that bracelet!)

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