MoZart Retreat: Attitude

I’ve been torn writing between three different blog posts.  I finally have gotten everything together to start sharing the details behind MoZart Retreat.  If you remember, the retreat was based on John Maxwell’s book, Make Today Count.  He gives readers twelve areas they can focus on to change their lives today.  These areas are known as the “daily dozen.”  Our first art activity and topic was attitude.  Mo’s blog captures her perspective with my pictures over at MoJoy.

The main take away from Mo’s talk for me was “Attitude is a choice.”  With that in mind, I often choose to be happy, joyful, excited, positive, or grateful.  These attitudes lead to more encouragement and better days.

Each retreater was told to come with an attitude quote or words in mind for a canvas project.  The background of the canvas was decoupaged magazine pictures.  The pictures really didn’t matter much because we were going to paint over them.  What did matter was the texture decoupaging would give the canvas.  I went for a pink/purple background with the occasional touch of scrapbook paper or Gabbi’s artwork.

You can tell that everyone has something different in mind.  Some choose words in the magazines to stand out while other chose patterns.

Using big pieces worked out well when it came to modge-podging.  Even though I laid everything out, things shifted a bit.

Mo must have been teaching something here, but I’m not sure what.

I chose to do a pattern for my paint.  With Mo’s help, I painted my first ever chevron design using a black paint wash.  Once the paint was barely set, I peeled off the tape.

I filled in the taped off areas with an opaque gray paint.  I wasn’t aiming for trendy techniques and colors, but that’s what I ended up with.  I was told it looked like something from Urban Outfitters which is a really nice compliment.

My canvas all dry and ready for some attitude words to live by.

I kept my words short and sweet, even though I appreciate long quotes.  I am blessed over and over again each day.  This canvas serves as a reminder to give thanks for everything God lays before me.  I am also trying to cultivate and keep a grateful heart.  My words,

Be Grateful.

The words were cut out on vinyl using a Silhouette.  They were super easy to apply.  Just peel the backing, rub them on, and peel the top paper.

Some people cut their quote up into smaller chunks and others had Mo embellish their canvases.

Some thoughtful and proud admiration from Jennifer.

Of course I instagramed throughout the retreat.  I like this colorful background without paint too.

Our group picture was taken at night with flash so it’s blurry and yellow.

While we were taking the group pictures, Mo was providing comic relief as she cleaned up multiple spots of dog throw-up.  It was hilarious and gross, but made for great hysterical laughing pictures.


Here are the canvases in better lighting.  Karie gave me her pictures before I left so I have over 600 to sort through.

This is just the start of the artsy fartsy craftiness.  Lots more coming soon.

“You can’t dislike people and have a good attitude at the same time.  And, you can’t have a bad attitude and encourage others at the same time.  Attitude is a choice.”                       – John Maxwell

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One Response to MoZart Retreat: Attitude

  1. Yay for Riley. First for coming to the retreat. Next for taking pictures of the retreat. Third for blogging about the retreat. And fourth for taking away good info and appyling it to your life.

    Way to go. Mo

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