Instagram Randomness

I have dived into the instagram world.  It is such a fun app and the one I use the most.  I’ve got LOTS of catching up here on the blog, but I thought I would share some of my daily happenings via instagram from the past month first.  I promise I haven’t forgotten about the rest of the art retreat posts, internship talk, and the second half of my College Station trip.  This is my life in pictures (probably a few too many according to Robyn).

Babysitting Vivie brightens my Wednesdays and Thursdays so much.  She turns 8 months in 1 week.  Babies are so much fun.  She has mastered reaching and grabbing.

One Friday I sported my fluffy purple sandles.  They make me happy and supported the Angleton Wildcats.

Love my giant sunglasses even with sweat dripping down them.

On the one random day of fall, I snuggled up under my favorite t-shirt quilt and lit some fall candles.

I’m still trying to find the joy in running.  I haven’t gotten there yet, but this early morning I ran 5K in 33:41 and rowed 2000m in 10:14.  Pretty proud.

In attempt to make fall come to Texas, I’ve been finding ways to incorporate pumpkin pie spices into everything.  I made my own pumpkin pie yogurt – it was delicious.

I enjoyed some gorgeous weather last Monday on campus.  Good music and scenery seemed to increase my motivation and productivity.

Last Tuesday, I received internship offers, made my decision, got some happy mail, and wore my new favorite tie dye socks.  It was a REALLY good day!

More cuteness of Vivie.  Rocking her to sleep was one of my favorite stress relievers while waiting for internship offers.

I finally have a picture with my dear friend, Lexi.  She and I met for lunch and 5 hours of wedding/internship talk.  She is newly engaged and wants my help with the crafty cutesy things for her wedding.  The next time we get together will be for her “Riley day.”  Not sure what she has in mind for that day, but probably some shopping, pinterest, crafting, and creativity encouragement!

I’ve been working on writing many many friends.  This batch of mail is going out today!

I made butternut squash mash.  If you haven’t heard, it’s my favorite fall veggie.  All I did was roast the squash halves, scoop out the flesh, mash it in my mixer, and put it in cute individual jars.

Saturday, I ran the Homecoming 5K with Megan and Allison.  I had no idea homecoming was a big deal at Texas State.  I think Megan was most excited about her goody bag.

The run took me back to running club days in middle school.  Despite a ridiculous amount of hills on the course, we dominated the 5K.

I had a Saturday girls night with Vivie.  She is so lovely.

And she loves bath time.

This morning I was reminded to slow down and enjoy the moment with an unexpected train on my way to the rec.  God gave me a magnificent surprise when I finished up at 7.  I am so enraptured by morning sunrises.

And my last two pictures.  Washi tape hoarding and my drink of choice.


Are you an instagram user? If so, I’d love to follow you and see your daily moments of joy!

A picture is the expression of an impression. If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it? – Ernst Haas

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