More Twice Blessed Chaos

My second trip to the Burns started with some gorgeous scarf wearing weather.

Once I got to Abilene Friday afternoon, the kids all wanted my attention.  I had to remind them that there is only one of me.  Gabe and Grant still love the Wii.

They all had something to say about how I looked.  Kids’ innocent language is so sweet.  Emma said, “Boy, have you changed!!”  Grant wasn’t sure how to put it into words, so he used his hands to show how skinny I’ve gotten.  It was precious.  We started the night off right with lots of picture taking and instagram.  This is what twice blessed chaos looks like.

That night Grant and I had some silly fun making faces and then he read the bible to me starting with Genesis.  Each chapter is 2 pages and once he was 5 chapters in he proclaimed that “God sure worked hard – maybe He needs a break.”  Finally we all settled in to watch a show and snuggle under some covers.


The next morning before I left to go run, all the boys were up and fascinated with exercising.  They asked “how long will you be gone?  where are you going?  what are you doing?”  I got in a pre-run and morning snuggles picture with Gabe.

I ran around their neighborhood and did some squats and lunges.  After about 45 minutes, I was ready to watch the sunrise over the pond at the end of their street.  It may have taken me 10 or 20 tries to get a picture I liked for instagram.  The bottom right corner is the one I settled on.

The sunrise and quiet serenity over the water was a beautiful start to my morning.  Meanwhile, Cherie thought I had been abducted because she thought I had been gone for an hour and a half.  Once home, I assured her that I had been gone less than an hour and had my phone with me.

Emma and I cheered on Gabe and Grant’s soccer team later that morning.  Emma is not a fan of watching their games.

The boys’ team was so cute, but didn’t have the best second half.  The lost 0 to 12.  The other mean green team had a super-star player named Ethan.  He ruled the field.

Can you tell Gabe and Grant apart?

(Gabe is on top and Grant on bottom)

Tom and Jerry is the entertainment of choice in the car.

After lunch, there was time for some Halloween coloring and Guess Who.  Everyone wanted my help coloring or playing Guess Who.  I definitely felt the love this weekend.


Then came croissant time.  I think I have started this new tradition.  Over a year ago, Robyn and I brought croissant dough to teach Cherie how to make them.  This trip was no different.  I made the dough Thursday night and had it ready to go for Saturday.  I was beckoned (via text) to come egg wash the croissants and get them in the oven on Saturday.  The Burns LOVE croissants.


These croissants had all kinds of fillings: chocolate, caramel, white chocolate, peanut butter/chocolate, plain, and a peach galette.  The anticipation kept building as I rolled more  and more croissants and then had to wait for them to proof.

While I was rolling croissants, the kids were working on the imagination projects for school.  The theme was “anything is possible.”  There was supposed to be no adult help, but with four children worrying over their paintings helping was inevitable!  Emma painted “children in bubbles”, Eli painted a baseball field, Gabe had a bear sledding down a waterfall, and Grant painted Santa at the North Pole with a crab giving out presents.  I LOVE his Santa!!  I think Cherie and Heath’s anxiety levels were higher than the kids.  They also pointed out how I wasn’t helping with the art.  I finally took a break from croissants and came to help diffuse the stress.  I’m all about fostering creativity.

All the time waiting on croissants was well worth it.  They turned out perfect!

Emma had picked up the phone about 10 times to try and call Robyn.  We finally made time Saturday night and Emma talked to her for a LONG time.  When I took the phone back to save Robyn from Emma’s rambling, Robyn said we could facetime for a bit.  Having 6 twins on my phone screen made my night.

We even took a picture with Robyn!  It was almost as if she was there with us.

Sunday morning I left really early.  I wanted a picture with everyone before I left.  They weren’t too enthused about this.

But when it came to taking pictures with my camera, they loved that!


My favorite part of driving home on Sundays is the top 40 countdown and open fields.  It was a gorgeous drive.

I told Emma I would be back after I’m done with my internship in South Carolina.  She seemed reassured because she would not be a teenager yet, ha!  Grant thinks I may be even skinnier the next time.  I told him maybe so, but I wouldn’t ever be as skinny as him. It was a wonderful visit with lots of laughs, love, and twins.  Perfectly twice blessed chaos.

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4 Responses to More Twice Blessed Chaos

  1. LOVE IT! Miss you. 😦

  2. Heath Burns says:

    You are a wonderful friend to our family. We love you very much and you will always have a special place in our hearts, and a bed in our home. Cherie and I both hope you will join us in Fla. this summer for our family vacation.

  3. Lauren P. says:

    I love the picture with Robyn! Her hair has gotten long! And you are quite the skinny minny! How did the peach croissants turn out? That sounds delish! I’m sure they don’t last long in a house full of twins.

    • It was completely spontaneous to take a picture with Robyn and it’s probably one of my favorite from the weekend! Not sure about being a skinny minny. The peach croissants were my favorite – took me right back to Paris!! And no, the croissants were almost half gone by the time I left.

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