Twice Blessed Chaos

Last weekend, I made my semi-annual road trip to see some of my favorite twins.  Robyn and I started babysitting the oldest set when they were 1, shortly after they moved to Angleton.  When the second set of twins came around a year later, we realized that these kids may never know anything other than twins.  They had twin siblings and twin babysitters.  This first batch of pictures is from my trip in January.

Emma was all into the girly girly stuff.  This included doing my hair, painting finger nails, and playing with my scarf.

There was lots of playing that weekend.  We danced on the Wii and played some Twister.  This kids also got use to the steady click of my camera.



Playing monsters vs. aliens was so much fun.

The tire swing made for some great pictures.

Grant was very detailed in showing me how his snapper toy worked, while Emma loved on her new toy named Willa.  It does whatever Emma told it to do (this is the perfect toy for her – someone who listens and she can be the boss of).


Then we had a glitter fest.  Emma had special body glitter that everybody wanted in on except for Eli.  Gabe and Grant spent lots of time admiring their sparkly bodies.

The boys are still so much alike and young at heart.  Their muscle poses were adorable.

By Sunday morning, it was time to say goodbye.  Gabe and Emma got some special picture taking time with me before I hit the road.

Part two of my Burns adventures is the next post.


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One Response to Twice Blessed Chaos

  1. Oh man……….look how much they (and YOU) have changed in 10 months!!! Wow! Makes me sad (about them) and happy (for YOU!)

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