MoZart Retreat: Priorities

How about some crafting for today’s post?  Back to the daily dozen from the art retreat.  Today’s topic, priorities.  Mo gives John Maxwell’s perspective over at Mo’ Joy.  I’m just going to show you what we made.  Fabric cuffs were the activity with whatever priority words we wanted on them.  I chose to use mine as a reminder for joy.

Mo had buckets of fabric to dig through.

After choosing our front and back fabrics, we ripped the fabric for frayed edges.  There was no precise science behind getting the right length.  You were just supposed to check it for size on your wrist.  Before sewing the pieces together, we used some fuseable stuff in between the layers.  Mine had 4 layers, so I had quite a bit of ironing to do.  Then we sewed all around the edges.  We used Stayzon Ink and rubber stamps for our words.

Sewing is NOT my forte.  I can do it, but not well.

After three tries hand-sewing my button, I gave up.  Art isn’t supposed to be stressful.

I love my cuff and have worn it a lot.  Maybe if my sewing skills improve, I’ll attempt making another one.  Some people were so fast at making these that they made two!  More art posts next week!!

“The more you stay in your strength zone, the greater your productivity and the greater your ability to reach your potential.” – John Maxwell

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