MoZart Retreat: Health

Friday morning was started off with our 3rd daily dozen topic.  Health is an area that John Maxwell says can have an immediate impact on your life.  I certainly agree with him.  For the project, we created a health inspired canvas.

First, we painted a background color.

Then we went on a nature walk to collect leaves and plants for our canvas and reflect on the health principle.


We used the leaves as a stencil of sorts.  We laid the leaves out on our canvas and spray painted over them.  The negative area of the canvas became the spray paint color, and the leaf was the original background color.

Mo offered some inspiration for how to finish our canvases with text, outlining, or shading.

My canvas ended up with 3 colors of spray paint on top of my original green background.  The yellow spray paint was more like drops, the hot pink didn’t have enough in the can, and finally I settled for blue.  I worried about using so many colors, but loved where my canvas was heading.  I used a papyrus plant for a crisp and simple design.

After looking at the canvas at this step, I decided on the words “Shine On”  because the papyrus looked like a sun.  I also like to chase the sunrise after working out in the morning so it kinda fits with health too.  Mo painted the words and I finished them off with glitter.  It was at this point that the ladies discovered my love for glitter.  It just makes me so happy!

Emery offered tips and tricks too.  Please note all those colors on my finger – the result of creativity!  Mo’s canvas turned out so cute!


Here’s everyone with their canvases.  By the end of the project, I was a believer in this spray paint technique.

I may actually blog about the other 9 projects in the next 9 days.  School is slowing down and I’m in town this weekend – Whoop!  How exciting would that be?

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2 Responses to MoZart Retreat: Health

  1. Melanie Mo says:

    Love it! Let’s hear it!!

  2. Lauren P. says:

    Mo’s is really cute! Your’s makes me think of a sign I’ve seen on pinterest: Never let anybody dull your sparkle!

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