Life as the Lowes know it.

Several weeks ago, I offered to craft and bake with the Lowes.  I hadn’t seen the kids since August when I stopped babysitting them and Megan, the mom, really wanted to learn how to make croissants.  It seems croissants and crafting have been a constant theme of visits I’ve made this fall.  Just last Friday, I did the same thing with another friend.  I guess you could say I’m a pretty good crafting and croissant making teacher.  Anyway, here’s how the morning played out.  I brought the dough pre-proofed and ready for butter.

Eli, age 4, thought the rolling pin was better used for hitting the dough rather than rolling it.  Luckily, the flour interested him more and allowed Megan and me to roll out the dough.

Stana, age 12 mo., got to hang with the girls before her morning nap.  She loved the burlap wreath we were making.  Mamoo (aka Megan’s mom), came to watch Eli and Charlotte so the crafting and croissants could actually happen.  I was so surprised by how big Stana is now.

In the midst of rolling the dough and pinning the wreath, Charlotte, age 2, popped in the front door completely naked.  I had to snap a picture.  This is classic Charlotte.  Marching to the beat of her own drum.  I love that about her and her “come and get me” grin.

Then I went outside to see what all the nakedness was about.  Turns out she had been swimming and splashing in the front yard.  Batman made an appearance too.  Just because Eli turned 4, doesn’t mean he is too big to dress up as his favorite super hero.

At some point, the croissants finished getting turned, rolled, and shaped and headed to the oven.  Megan invited her parents and a good friend over to see all of her “Martha” handiwork.  They were fans of the croissants and in disbelief that she made the wreath.  All that was on Megan’s face was lots and lots of joy.

Before I left, Megan started making pennant bunting for her front porch.  I haven’t driven by yet to see if she finished it and it made it to her porch.  I know I left her with her creativity in overdrive.

And I couldn’t forget about some art with the kiddos.  Eli and Charlotte made some rainbow shaving cream art before their afternoon naps.  My hands were far to messy to take pictures.  It’s so fun to think about the things I taught them.  What stands out is “rainbow tie dye” for Eli and “elephant/my Robyn” for Charlotte.  Such great kids!

It was great catching up with her and the kiddos.  Megan still offered that I could move in and she’ll have a job waiting for me when I return from South Carolina.  I’d say that I left my stamp on that family and I certainly know they left their stamp on my heart.

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One Response to Life as the Lowes know it.

  1. I told her you’d be the best thing to ever happen to her and her kids. I was right. 🙂 Trust me, I know.

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