Colorful Radness

This past Saturday, I ran in the Color Me Rad 5K with 4 of my good friends.  To say I was excited about this run is an understatement.  I was so hyped up Friday night when the girls go to San Marcos and continued with my delight and “Riley noises” all through Saturday.  We took a ridiculous amount of pictures, but I knew I wanted to capture all of the color moments.

I picked up all our swag and race packets Friday.  Saturday morning we pinned our bibs on, stuck on our rockin’ rad tatoos, and loaded up for some epic color fun!!  I brought mini canvases for us to run with and capture all the color.  Emilie may have had some difficulty with her tatoo, but Desta fixed her up with an equally cute sharpie version.

The drive was super fun as we jammed out like 16 year old teenagers, listened to me squeal with excitement, and instagramed our selfie pictures.

We made sure to get our before “white shirt” pictures.

I’m a dork.

Then it was time to run!!!!  Even though we were assigned a group wave to start with, they let you join any wave.  I was surprised at the amount of walkers.  We set out to run the entire race through the rocky paths and hills.  At each 1K of the race was a color station.  From afar you could see the clouds of color and as we got closer I got more and more excited!!

People were so nice and willing to take pictures along the course.  We stopped after each color to document the new colors coating us.  We rocked the blue, jumped with the pink, sported our rad tatoos after the yellow squirt down, had an Aggie gig ’em, and showed our green muscles (while Kathryn channeled her inner Tim Tebow).  We were all on such a color high!  When we ran through the color stations we had to remember to keep our mouths closed.  This was a little difficult for me.  We had lots of color spit flying.  I also was the loud, energetic, go-get-em person in our group.  I would yell and cheer, run forwards and backwards, twirl and hold out my canvas, all in the name of color.  You probably had to be there to picture all of that!

At the finish line, we each got a color bomb (aka colored corn starch pack) to do what we wanted with it.  We chose to take lots of pictures with ours.


There were over 7000 people at the race.  It was crazy!!

I love our head shots.  They’re so poppy!!

After the race was over, I finally caught up with Allison.  She and her girls had just as much fun as us.

We had one last photo session before we headed home.  My dorkiness and joy is captured pretty well here.  The girls are being themselves and Kelly is sporting her polka dotted hair.  I love love love all the color on my hand!

Naturally, I had to instagram it!

Our canvases turned out really well too.  I’m planning to turn mine into a magnet.

This was one of my favorite days ever.  The run was just what it promised to be happy, colorful, and AWESOME!!  I hurt from smiling and laughing more than the actual running.  There was so much homegrown joy all from some powered color.  I love my girls, love color, and loved the run.  If you are thinking about doing a color run – go for it!!

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