Colorful Crafting with the Girls

Friday night before the Color Me Rad run, I planned some colorful crafts for the girls.  We couldn’t start crafting until we tried out some of our RAD swag.  Kelly drove in early Saturday morning so we were repping Team Color Junkies minus Kelly.

Kathryn chose to make some mini bunting.  I’m teaching more and more people about bunting.  I love it and in mini form it is SO cute!  Bunting is basically a garland with things hanging from it.  You can make pennants, half circles, flags, rectangles…anything really.  Kat embraced her craftiness and surprised herself with how good the finished product turned out.  To give you an idea of scale, each pennant is about 5 inches long.  She’s planning to hang it from her desk hutch.

While Kat worked on her bunting, I sewed Lauren’s Christmas bunting.  The previous Friday I had helped Lauren choose fabric and cut pennants to make bunting.  We didn’t get to the sewing part, so she sent Desta with her pennants for sewing.

Emilie wasn’t into the crafting so naturally she modeled on the couch.

Meanwhile, Desta was working her wire magic.  I had seen a blog from a craft weekend where they made fabric wrapped wire words.  I knew it was something I could recreate.  Desta twisted wire into words for each of us.  “Joy” for me and “soulful” for her.  Then she played around with different widths of fabric scraps to wrap the wire.  My plethora of fabric scraps was perfect for this project!  We spread it all over my living room floor.  I would work on my word in between sewing and helping Kathryn.  Desta was more precise and used torn skinny strips.  I ended up using whatever shape the scrap was and making it work.  We would dot hot glue every so often and keep wrapping the fabric.  I LOVE our results.

By the time we finished crafting it was 1 AM and we were so tired.  Sleep was way more important than pictures.

When we attempted to take pictures with our words Saturday morning, there were a few issues.  I didn’t know it, but my curls were a little wild and made for not the greatest picture.  We tried again after the run and got better results.  I really like Desta’s color palette for her word.  My word is definitely coming with me to South Carolina.

I hope you are receiving some joy today!!

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One Response to Colorful Crafting with the Girls

  1. Momma says:

    The words turned out SO cute!!!!!

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