My Week Via Instagram

Here’s a recap of my week from my Instagram pictures including their fun hash tags.  First up, packing!  I started packing on Monday.  My apartment is becoming less and less me – which is good!!  The next time I unpack these boxes, hopefully I’ll be employed and semi-settled.  I was impressed at fitting 5 bulletin boards worth of stuff in one ziplock.  I also purged my college clipboards.

#SCbound #finalsstudybreak#solongSM

When packing I usually discover old things.  I came across notes and things from PALs.  I loved those years and that organization in high school.

#reminiscing #highschoolmemories#thankful

The cold weather brings out all kinds of joy.  I specifically loved that I got to wear my red pea coat and pom pom scarf to my final on Monday.

Tuesday morning I was surprised at how low the temp got.  My apartment complex even salted the stairs.  I decided I definitely prefer running outside or on a track better than a treadmill.  New record that day – 9 minute mile!

#brrrrr #feelslikechristmas#belowfreezingtemps #mileaday#happy

#trackovertreadmill#tiedyesocks #gratefulforanindoortrack

Tuesday was perfect weather for some afternoon hiking.  After a wrong turn and Allison asking if we had gone on the trail before, we stumbled upon this SUPER cool cave.  My picture really doesn’t show how big it is nor does it capture my silliness by remarking “other people have been here??”

#purgatorycreek #buddies #sparkly #newtrail #offthebeatenpath #caves#supercool

Tuesday night I went to visit my cousins in San Antonio.  My favorite part of that night was catching up with Amanda while she helped Elvis the Elf with his magic.  He made himself a “sELFie!”

#selfiepic#coloringandchatting #christmascheer

Pretty shades of purple and blue from Wednesday morning.

Vivie had the cutest Christmas outfit on Wednesday.  Check out that reindeer!  I love how she uses her hands for storytelling.  Lately, she is too preoccupied exploring or moving to stop and grin for a picture.


Robyn showed off her designing talents and awesome road trip plan this week.  My break consists of countless Texas visits to friends and family and then picks up with her green route.  I won’t be traveling near as many miles are her.  She and I are road tripping to South Carolina to get me settled for my internship.  We have lots of people to see along the way (mostly her camp friends) including one night in West Monroe with Mo.  They’ll finally get to meet and we’ll get our artsy fartsy juices flowing.

winter break-01

On and off this week I have continued packing.  Of course I don’t have your typical packing tape. Thanks to Mo, I am sporting “R” tape.

#gottahaveRs#packing #scbound

My latest and greatest was attempting rock wall climbing Thursday night.  My friend, Kelsey, encouraged me to try it during free week.  I humored her and only made it up 1/4 of the way with two tries.  Kelsey continued to climb as I went for a run.  I was so proud of hitting one of my goals – 5K in under 30 minutes!  Not sure if climbing the right fit for me, but the people sure are nice and it was good to step out of my bubble.

#laughable#takingrisks #rockwallgroupies#outofmycomfortzone #mileaday#5Kinunder30

Get ready for more of my fun, crafting, and friend visit recaps.  There’s a lot left for me to cram in during my last 8 days in San Marcos.

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