Thanksgiving Week in Pittsburgh

With Robyn home, it meant I could finally get my hands on some Pittsburgh pictures.  There were so many pictures that I took the collage route to recap the trip over Thanksgiving.  Because my mom and I flew in late Monday night, it left us with a little over 3 days to see, do, and mark things off Robyn’s bucket list.

We started Tuesday by seeing The Cathedral and Heinz Chapel on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus.  The tower has 36 floors and is full of classrooms.  I love their red doors!

On the main level, there is a huge common room that looks like Hogwarts.  Students study there or if you are Robyn, you may see if you’ll fit in their very oversized fireplaces.

Surrounding the main common room area are the Nationality Rooms.  These are themed classrooms representing different countries.  We probably went to 15 out of the 30 in the tower.  We even got to peek in on some classes being held in them.  It would be such a neat class experience to be greeted with a themed room.  My favorites were Paris and Sweden.

Tuesday night we made it to Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).  CMU is quite small, but full of charm.  Part of the engravings in Robyn’s building says that “these women’s prerogatives are to increase happiness” – love it!

Her building was recently renovated and her studio was amazing!  She showed off some of her poster projects and I soaked up the quirkiness of the studio bulletin/white boards.

The Randy Pausch Memorial Bridge was a must see on my list.  The bridge connects the computer science building with another liberal arts building both meaningful to his years of teaching at CMU.

We happened to walk past “the fence” on campus and I had to check to see if there was any paint or brushes.  The fence is coated with hundreds and hundreds of layers of paint.  It is often used for organization advertising and CMU keeps paint and brushes beside it.  On my last try for some paint, I scored a bucket with a crusty brush and maroon paint.  Robyn and I both had our chance to graffiti some Texas love from R & R.  It made my night!

Stay tuned for day 2 of Pittsburgh adventures!

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One Response to Thanksgiving Week in Pittsburgh

  1. Janette says:

    I love it! It sure looks like y’all had fun. Can’t wait to read more.

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