Thanksgiving Week in Pittsburgh – Day 2

Wednesday we went to The Strip District.  This area is full of permanent shops and street vendors set up with fresh produce, pastries, and clothes.  We checked out the famous Wholey Deli where we found fresh octopus, frozen eel, and whole turkeys ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

After we finished wandering around the Strip District, we headed back to Hello Bistro.  It was the best salad place ever.  You pay $7 and then build your own salad with whatever you want.  They had different types of lettuce and over 50 unlimited toppings to choose from.  It was amazing, fresh, and delicious.  I wish it was closer to South Carolina!

Our salads got packed for a picnic lunch at McConnell’s Mill State Park.  First we saw a man-made waterfall and covered bridge.

On our way to the Hell’s Hollow hiking trail, we came upon this little guy standing by the road.  We passed him and then went back to see what he was selling.  Turns out it was his prize winning eggs and his parents had no idea he was by the road with his cute sign.  Of course we bought the eggs and supported his entrepreneurial spirit!  The eggs were huge and beautiful.

We hiked on the beautiful trail that lead us straight to The Falls.  There’s nothing man-made about this waterfall.

While we were north of Pittsburgh, we made two stops in the Amish Country.  Robyn was on the lookout for a buggy.  We ended up seeing two before we drove home to Pittsburgh.

Dinner that night was at Church Brew Works which is a converted church.

Thanksgiving day is up next!!

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One Response to Thanksgiving Week in Pittsburgh – Day 2

  1. Janette says:

    Wow. Another enviable day! Was that an old Catholic church?

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