Hello Charleston!

Thank you for all the sweet comments about my new blog header.  I love it!

I’m officially moved in and unpacked in Charleston.  Robyn and I made it on Thursday  and crammed in as much fun as possible before she left yesterday.  Several people have asked for pictures of my new apartment and I finally took some today.

A little bit of background, I live above the garage of a one story house.  The attic above the garage was finished off into an apartment.  My apartment is furnished and I share the kitchen and laundry on the main level.  The door to my space is connected to the laundry room and has about half a flight of stairs up to my room.

At the top of the stairs, to the left is a loft area for my bed and desk.

To the right is the living space, bathroom, and closet.

Another angle

The bathroom


From the opposite side of the living room looking towards my bedroom

The little nook for my closet


Wherever I move, I always bring some sort of decoration to make it feel like home.  For this move, I knew I wanted my bunting and some of my favorite art work.

Reversible bunting means there is cuteness on both sides!

I have 3 steps that lead up to my bedroom.

My desk is to the right.

I love all the color and things that remind of people that are special to me.

My bulletin board is overflowing with goodness.


More cuteness

I made mini instagram bunting with washi tape and wire from Canton.  I LOVE it!!


More mini bunting over my bed along with my fabric wrapped wire word.

This was the bedding on the bed before I got the white quilt.  Robyn and I both agreed it had to go.  It’s scratchy and not my style.

My bed

The view from my bed

Well that’s all of the tour for now.  I have a few iphone pictures of other areas of the house that I’ll upload this week.  I do love happy mail so if you would like to write me, please comment and I’ll give you my address.  I have my first day of my internship tomorrow.  It’s only orientation week so I don’t expect too many stories yet.

Much joy y’all!


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5 Responses to Hello Charleston!

  1. Liza says:

    Your new apartment looks fabulous. Your are a great decorator! I would like your address so that I can send you a letter!


  2. Kathryn Head says:

    How do you always wind up with such cool places!? Love the loft area for the bed and desk! The sign above your desk- is that new? Did you paint it? Its super cute. Address please!!! 🙂

  3. Helen Anderson says:

    It made me happy to see your new place
    Happy ways makes happy days
    Helen Anderson

  4. Janette says:

    What a cute space! I’d like your address too!

  5. Cindy Ward says:

    I feel “settled” about you now that I have a concrete vision to assign to you. Of course you needed to take a couple boxes of your things. I would like your address, too! Be in the moment…and safely guarded by God’s love of which you are most worthy.

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