SC Life Rambles

Hey there.  In case you haven’t heard, time is much less abundant in the real world.  I thought I could keep my same blog reading, pinterest pinning, and other social media habits, but they are quickly being sacrificed for time to work out, call loved ones, and take time to soak up fabulous Charleston.  This is the post that most of you have probably been waiting for.  You know I made it to South Carolina, but now what.  Lucky you, I finally have time to blog about my world.

Where to start…

I’ll begin from when Robyn left SC.  That is when I was truly on my own to form some new roots here.  While I’d love to story tell, that might take way too long.  Here are some synopses of different parts of my life.

Charleston: This is one spectacular place to be.  I had no idea that Charleston was considered a resort destination, 2nd most popular place for weddings, and gets flooded with  tourists in the peak seasons.  Carnival cruise lines docks in Charleston Bay and there are 5 beaches within a 30 mile radius of Charleston.  The weather was gorgeous when I arrived.  Robyn and I made a spontaneous trip to the beach (don’t worry, a blog post is coming for that adventure) and spent time walking around the historic district downtown.  The weather stayed in the 70s until last Thursday.  Then we got the cold front that Texas had been suffering from.  I’m pretty happy with the weather now.  It may make it in the 30s for the low, but gets up to the high 50s/low 60s.  This is perfect running weather!  I’m working on a Charleston bucket list.  I’m hoping to finish it up this weekend so the adventures can begin.

Church: There are many Catholic churches around, but I haven’t found the right fit yet.  So far I’ve gone to the one closest to where I live merely out of convenience.  There aren’t any young adults in the congregation (lots of white and gray hair!), the priest reads his homily off of a piece of paper, and the organ is used for all the music.  I received a few suggestions from a 23 year old volunteer and am hoping to find the right fit soon.

Work: Last week through Monday, I had my orientation week.  At some point, I remember thinking this is a mental stamina test.  All I wanted to do was have some patient interaction.  Now I have been fully oriented, am pretty knowledgeable of the Atrium (the playroom), and made it through most of my intern manual.  The girls in the department are as wonderful as I remembered from my interview.  I made friends with a couple of the “young and single” ones and we are going to run in the Bridge Run 10K.  I was more than a little excited to make some friends….I didn’t know how long that might take and my time is ticking away.  As for patient interactions, I got to know a chronic oncology patient who visits the Atrium at all open hours (10-12, 2-4, & 5-7:30).  She and I had lots of time to play last week.

My internship is split up into orientation week, 1st 6 week rotation (outpatient), 2nd 6 week rotation (inpatient), and 1 week to cover an area of my choice.  Today was my first day for my 1st rotation and it was wonderful.  My supervisor, Betsy, covers 3 main areas: same day surgery (sedation for GI procedures, infusions, & urology procedures), cardiac surgery, and cath labs.  I think I remembered all of that right!  I am positive I will see a wide variety of procedures and Child Life interventions.  I loved being busy and having clinical experiences to observe and learn from.  I can’t wait until I get to try therapeutic interventions on my own.  Today was another affirmation that this is the right fit for me.  My schedule for this rotation is 7 – 3:30 and for my second rotation is 8-4:30.  I am so happy with my hours for this rotation.  I had been waking up at 5 to go workout, work from 8:30 – 5, and get home around 5:45 to then get things done before bed at 9ish.  Now I’m sleeping in a little bit, working from 7-3:30, working out after work, and am home and free at 5:30.  I feel sure I’ll have more stories as I get further into my rotation.

Other random fun things: I found a gym prior to getting to Charleston.  I was pleased that it was just as they advertised online and over the phone.  I got signed up with a trainer and love his workouts (more on this in another blog post).  There are no HEBs in SC, but I did discover Trader Joe’s this weekend.  It is my new favorite grocery store in South Carolina. After living with cold showers for 8 days, I am happy to have warm showers.  I never knew how much I like hot water.  My apartment only has an air conditioner so I’m trying to become well adjusted to accepting coldness.

More than anything, I am overwhelmed at how happy I am.  I have my groove and routine back.  I’m doing what I love.  Life is so very good and blessed.

How about a little photo story telling.

1. My phone decided to self destruct and die the first night I was by myself.  Luckily, there is an Apple store here and they replaced my phone.

2. First thing to do when I got here was to get all settled in.  It feels like home.

3. Found a gym and ran 5k.  I want to find a half marathon to train for.

4. Mailed out new year’s post cards.  Love free Shutterfly products.

5. Got on Pinterest twice.  Still love the instant inspiration and creativity it sparks.

6. & 7. Received a warm welcome to MUSC Children’s complete with an armadillo.  Showed my Texas pride with Emma Burns artwork and “In case you haven’t heard, this is Texas.”

8. Sat in morning traffic every day last week, but got to watch the sun rise.

9. Rode the shuttle bus from the parking lot to the hospital.  Some perfect quiet time for a morning devotional.

10. Got my sweat on.  Thoroughly enjoying my new gym.

11. & 12. The front and back of the house I’m living at.

13. & 14. My tree lined street has cute little culdesacs everywhere.  It’s very charming.

15. I chilled poolside to soak up the sun and warm up Saturday.  No heater = one cold Riley.

16. & 17. Lots of running and time to enjoy the little things on the weekend.  Weekends and I are going to be best best friends.

18. Currently listening to Ben Rector, The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, and Phillip Phillips.

19. No need to fight for parking on MLK day.  Apparently, everybody had the day off.

20. Desk time – I think I might love it as much as my weekends.  It is rare and infrequent.  Learning to soak it up whenever I can.

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One Response to SC Life Rambles

  1. Janette says:

    I love the newsy post! Trader Joe’s — I don’t know anyone who has been and doesn’t love it. I’ve never been.

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