Crafting and Croissants

Way way back at the end of November, I made a day trip to College Station.  It was supposed to be my last visit.  I had time to see the girls before everyone went home for Christmas and I left for South Carolina.  The day was about 9 hours of pure girliness.  There was laughter, girl talk, a few interesting phone calls, and so much joy.  It started with Madelyne, Lauren, and me.  Then slowly more of the girls made it home.  Kayla came in for the weekend which was such a wonderful surprise!

Lauren had been wanting to make croissants and bunting so those were on the agenda.  It seems the new norm is crafting and croissants.

Five girls in Hobby Lobby was pretty fun especially when Liza decided to start videoing me helping Lauren choose fabric and talk about how to make bunting.  Liza loves my blog and my “signature” homegrown joy font.  Lauren doesn’t have quite the love of the process of crafting, but she was determined to have some cute Christmas bunting.

We couldn’t get Desta’s sewing machine to work so I offered to sew it the following weekend when Desta came up for the Color Rad run.  Bunting is super super easy to make and adds instant cheer to any room!

Somewhere in there we discovered Lauren’s yeast was dead and the dough wasn’t rising.  That’s when we ran to Kroger’s for some active yeast and started over.  In no time, we had croissants.  We had a back and forth action between bunting and croissant making.  Lauren even busted out her Le Cordon Bleu apron to feel legit and like Suzy homemaker.  I can’t remember if the peach or raspberry gallete was the favorite.  Note the massive croissants Lauren rolled.

Once almost all the girls were home from work or school, we started taking funny pictures on Kayla’s Mac.  They were pretty hilarious.  I think these are using the chipmunk and frog filters.

Before I knew it, it was time for me to go back to San Marcos.  I left giggling and smiling big from all the fun we had.  I don’t know when all of the girls will be reunited again, but I know the love we have for each other can travel far beyond the state of Texas.  We are blessed by Lauren Payne’s amazing ability to connect people.  She was the start to all of us becoming friends.  I am grateful for such wonderful friends and memories of A&M.

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One Response to Crafting and Croissants

  1. Lauren says:

    This is great! The chipmunk pictures made me laugh out loud! And the girl talk… It was great!

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