A week of Instagram

Still catching up from November and December.  These pictures are a hodge podge of the happenings from November 28th – December 7th.

1. & 2. Sunshine action mixed in with some poppin’ color and bunting love.

3. Grateful to be in bed before 9 o’clock and finding old Breakaway notes with my favorite verse.

4., 7., & 8. Christmas fun at Sights and Sounds.  Apparently you are supposed to pay and get your hand stamped  I still don’t know how I got in for free.

5. Mini printed instagram pictures.  Some of the best happy mail ever!

6. Some over exposure sun action on a morning run.

9. & 10. Colorful cake balls for my last counseling class.  Beth decided to be a dare devil and test out how fast her bike can go .  She ended up having a bike accident and missing out on the cake balls I made just for her.  Stephanie made sure to enjoy them for Beth and send her a picture of what she was missing out on.

11. Love Anthro prints and patterns.

12. I wore my Christmas charm bracelet daily in December.

13. My fridge helped me conclude that my life is like one giant collage.  It’s all about the little things.

14. Shared hours of laughter with this friend of mine when I visited her new house.  She is sure to keep Texas lively while I’m away.

15. One GOOD Friday.  Happy mail made it to the big blue box, I conquered the box jump, and got a sweet surprise from Allison.

16. Picked up the Color Me Rad goods for Team Color Junkies.

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