Hello Charleston!

How about a little more Charleston action?  This is back from when Robyn and I made it to SC.  We went down the famous King Street.  College of Charleston is nestled in the blocks surround by this retail street.  I don’t know what the big field is called, but lots of people were out to enjoy the 80 degree weather in January.  Robyn and I didn’t know what the pink castle was at the time.   Turns out, it is the Marriot hotel.


Oh hey there favorite twin.

Loving Charleston.

Fun fact: lots of the historic homes have front doors to their porches.  It seems quite obvious that this architecture feature can’t be for safety.  Anybody could just climb over the porch railing.  I’m interested to learn the history behind this quirky detail.

From downtown, you can see the Cooper River Bridge designed by Calatrava.  Robyn knew who the architect was so naturally we had to drive on it.  It may have taken us 3 tries and driving through the hood to find the entrance ramp, but we made it.

In case you are wondering, it’s HUGE!  Also see those walkers to the right, there’s a huge lane designated for bikers, runners, and walkers.

This past weekend I ran on the bridge and am doing the 10K bridge run in April with friends from work.  It’s quite a spectacular site.

On the other side of the highway in a construction zone, we were amused by their work zone signs.  I’m guessing the construction worker mortality rate is high.

Had you figured out where we were headed once we were over the bridge?  The beach of course!  It was perfect beach weather.  Such a nice welcome to Charleston.

Our first time in the Atlantic Ocean!!


So much fun and really really COLD water!

A nice couple saw us attempting selfie shots and offered to take our picture.  The best part was the lady saying it was time to kick our legs up (clearly I didn’t know what I was doing!).


Instragramed one.

And farewell to Mt. Pleasant and Sullivan’s Island.  Back to West Ashley we go.

I didn’t get a chance to blog this weekend so posts this week will be scattered.  Thanks for hanging in there as I jump between SC, December, and even a few blogs back from things in September!

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