A Year of Transformation

I have been anticipating, dreading, getting excited, and worrying over this post for more than a month.  As many of you have noticed, I have transformed my body and life.  Last week, marked my year milestone from when I started my weight loss journey.  This makes me feel proud, nervous, motivated, and a whole lot of other things.  While I have shared bits and pieces of my story with close friends and family, I feel like it is time to be vulnerable and put it here on my blog.  Perhaps my story and joy will help someone with their own journey.

This is just an introduction to all the ins and outs to what I’ve been up to.  I just want you to see the starting point and where I am now.  Over the coming weeks, I will post about my inspiration, favorite foods, workouts, motivation, and anything else y’all might want to know.

Before pictures:

These are from my ring day September 2010.  I was at my heaviest around 265.


Spring Break in Vegas March 2011

Graduation May 2011 – Somewhere in 2011, I lost around 15 pounds.

Liza’s Ring Day November 2011 – This is the closest picture to my starting point.

Now for the numbers:

If you can’t read that it says Starting weight: 249.6 Body Fat: 121.7 lbs or 48.8%.

Currently, I weigh 166.4 and my body fat is 45.1 lbs or 27.1%.

That makes my totals to date: 83.2 lbs and 21.7% body fat lost.  Of that weight lost, 76.6 lbs or 92.1 % came from fat.  This is a huge victory for me.  I was aiming for about 80% of my weight loss to be from fat.

My ultimate goal is to be within the healthy BMI range and living an active life with a well balanced diet.  I have the active life and diet down, but am still working on my goal weight.  150 is in my future!

What my “now” looks like:

Colorful and filled with lots of running & sweat therapy.

Don’t worry – I still have just as much joy as before…maybe even more!

A few words to encourage me when I can’t do a full pull-up, gain a pound, am insecure about what others think, and worry way too much.  In the end, trying and failing lead to some form of success.

I am so so incredibly blessed and humbled at the changes in my body and life.  While I don’t wake up everyday and think “I’ve lost X number of pounds – that’s awesome,” I am reminded every so often of ways these changes have influenced others.

I am proud.
I am strong.
I am grateful.
And I am changed for the better.

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6 Responses to A Year of Transformation

  1. So proud of you! You are an inspiration not just for how you’ve physically changed but in how you live your life. Spiritually, in how you are accomplishing your career goals, for your caring and loving nature and the joy you spread to everyone you come in contact with. I am forever grateful you are part of my life and especially the lives of my children. How blessed they are to have an example like you!

  2. Momma says:

    It’s hard to remember back to the “big” days…but I do remember and how concerned I was and how I didn’t dare say anything…remembering my own past, and how my parents trying to help just made it worse. It has to be an inner thing anyway. I don’t know why God’s time is perfect, but I’m so grateful that yours was thirty years earlier than mine. Another blessing! And large people who lose really do evolve into the realization that in the end, it’s not just the weight…it truly is about a healthy life. So proud of you. So grateful for your hard work. You know I KNOW! So lucky you’re mine! Never a dull moment! Love it! I love you!

  3. Lauren P. says:

    You look BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY! If you can go through this, just by your own determination and hard headed-ness, just think about what else you could accomplish! 😉 I wouldn’t bet against you!

  4. Frances Leist says:

    You are a beautful woman standing at the beginning of a whole new life. Do not worry about what others think you know what is in your heart and your mine. You have turned your life over to the Heavenly Father and He has shown you the way. I am so very proud and so happy for you. you bring joy to me. Love you, Frances

  5. Janette says:

    Riley, your joy and beautiful outlook have been an inspiration to me since the day I met you. Your courage and motivation inspire me to more, and I’m grateful that you’ve shared your life with me! Thank you for putting yourself out there. It is a blessing to me! (And as for the weight loss and healthy living, I am truly amazed at how much you have changed in one year. It’s hard to believe that it would even be possible! Again, major inspiration for me!)

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