Roadtrip Life

Remember when Robyn and I drove over 1400 miles to get me from Gun Barrel City, TX to Charleston, SC?  That trip started a month ago today and was pretty memorable.  We started from my aunt’s lake house after a fun weekend shopping at Canton.

We were ready to get that road trip started!


Yogi, the Yaris, (aka Robyn’s car) led the way.  First sign of Louisiana.


We drove the some of the same route from when my dad, Robyn, and I drove to Pittsburgh to move her in.  No stopping at Boomtown this time, but we did make time for a trip to the Duck Commander headquarters just for our dad.

Our first night was in West Monroe, LA.  Robyn finally got to me MO!  We had a few hours to chat and craft without the girls.  They were next door celebrating the BCS bowl with Todd.  Mo was stamping on spoons, while Robyn and I worked on the last Lexi wedding project.

We talked about all sorts of things from creativity, to communication planning, crafting, my SC plans, their upcoming Disney trip, and so many other things.  I snapped a picture of some of Mo’s new reading material.  I need to add these to my Amazon book list.


My suggestion for a flattened penny worked perfectly for stamping.  This is one of Mo’s employee’s word for the year.  Lexi’s books for her wedding are for guests to write messages for Lexi & Tim to open for each other their anniversaries.


Robyn offered to bathe the girls and Mo was all over that.  She had another hour of bliss by herself.  We colored all over the bath tub with Gabbi and Ellie telling us what to draw.


Mo posted on facebook and instagram: “It’s like a vacation!!  Riley and Robyn are bathing my babies. #bliss #staycation #mamasdayoff” It was the least we could do since she was letting us stay with her.

These two became best buds.  Mo asked at one point, does Robyn really like kids? The girls were loving her.

Tuesday morning before leaving West Monroe, we made a pit stop to Mo’s MMPT children’s & adult clinics.  She has 5 therapy clinics across Louisiana.  It was great to finally see and meet the people she blogs about.

Tuesday was the longest day of driving.  I think around 7 hours driving through Louisiana, Mississippi, and getting to our next stop in Auburn, Alabama.


Here’s the Alabama sunset and desperately wanting to make it to Auburn.

We stayed with Schelin, one of Robyn’s besties from camp.  One of Schelin’s roomies should be my other half.  We had so much in common.  Wednesday we went to downtown Auburn and walked Schelin to her last first day of class.  The campus is so southern and beautiful.  I recognized some parts from the Get-a-hug from Taylor Swift videos a few years ago.   


The 3rd leg of the trip was short and sweet.  We made it to Athens in no time.  We stayed with another one of Robyn’s friends from camp, Natalie.  She is finishing her bachelor’s degree at University of Georgia and hopes to become a Child Life Specialist like me.  Naturally, we had lots of child life talk in between her and Robyn catching up.


The first sign for Charleston – hallelujiah!  There was some celebratory screaming on the phone to Robyn when I spotted it.

What a trip!  I don’t want to make that drive again until I’m sure that I will be staying in Texas.  It was very long, but proving to be well worth it.  My internship is fabulous and Charleston is even better than I thought it would be.

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  1. Lauren P. says:

    So the real question, DOES Robyn like kids? lol

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