Canton Adventures

After New Year’s fun with friends, it was time to hit the road to Canton.  This was the first leg of my journey to Charleston.

My first of many road trip selfies.

On Friday, my mom and aunt came to Canton with me.  It’s pretty clear that my aunt isn’t familiar with the selfie concept.  We had lots of giggles trying to get one with her eyes open!

Friday evening my friend, Lexi, drove in for some last minute wedding shopping.  Robyn ended up waiting to come up Saturday morning, so we had plenty of time to watch the sun rise at the lake.

Then it was time for initiating Lexi to Canton!

She ended up finding an adorable ampersand and a few other necessities for her Ireland honeymoon.  It’s always fun to shop at Canton with friends!  Lexi and Robyn became friends fast.  They had both heard enough about each other from me.

That night we spent time talking all things wedding and working on last minute crafting.  This view will never get old!

I enjoyed my last morning in Texas soaking up some more sunshine before fitting in a run.

Then Robyn and I hit the road for the official start to our road trip to South Carolina.

You know the rest.  I made it to Charleston.  Fell in love with the area.  And now have friends and family counting down the 6 weeks I have left until I come back to my beloved Texas.

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