Canvas Painting

While I was home over Christmas, my mom asked me to teach a painting class for her friends.  I managed to squeeze it in before leaving for South Carolina.  Some might say I have too many paint colors.  I call this ‘life in color’ inspiration!

I prepped canvases with a textured heart and had everything set out for when they arrived.  I packed some of my own canvas artwork to decorate my apartment in Charleston which provided great examples for all the ladies.  I walked them through the basics and then encouraged everyone to dive in.  The hardest part for them was choosing their background color.  Sam, seen below on the right, is Beth’s son’s girlfriend who was visiting Texas over her winter break.  It was nice to have someone open to bright colors!


Beth is always a hoot and stirring up laughter.

Here are the finished products.  Each of the ladies were so creative and naturally artistic.

Frances has many talents including art and baking.  She was nervous at times, but had a vision all along.  She was my mom’s secretary at the high school and her daughters babysat Robyn & me as infants.


Diana never let go of her paint brush.  She was determined to do her canvas all by herself.  She was so proud of her results!  Diana works with my mom in the DA’s office.


Beth had beautiful shading on her background.  She knew exactly where this was going in her home.  Beth was one of my mom’s career and technology teachers at the high school.  She also was the first person to let Robyn and me babysit her children.  I still can’t imagine why she let 10 year olds babysit her babies!


Sam finished out her canvas with some added sparkle.  Before we knew it, everybody had a little bit of glitter on their canvases!  She fit in so well with the group.


Everybody left happy and pleased with their artwork.  I was grateful for the joy and time spent with these women.  Creating is so good for the soul.

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3 Responses to Canvas Painting

  1. Beth says:

    I love you, Robyn! You are a gift and blessing to us all!

  2. Beth cassidy says:

    Sent your blog post to Samantha. Thanks, Riley, for a great time!

  3. Janette says:

    This makes me want to pull out the paint and canvas! I’ve been so hesitant. It’s much easier when you are coaching!

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