Charleston Catch Up

I realized this week that I’ve been in Charleston for 11 weeks and have only blogged about the road trip here and a few days exploring with Robyn.  I assure you that I haven’t completely forgotten about my blog and am trying to regroup with the necessary amounts of catch up that needs to take place.

As for a few updates:

School – Fantastic news!  Last time I blogged, you knew I was spending the month to study for my comprehensive exams.  I flew to Texas just to take my comprehensive exams for the second time (and squeeze in lots of quick visits with friends and family) and finally received my results last Friday.  I passed two of the sections and conditionally passed the third.  This means I have to write an essay in the coming weeks for my conditionally passed section and submit it for approval.  Most importantly, it looks like I’ll be graduating in May!  It was such a relief to know that my month of preparation (where I let my blog, relationships, and pinterest boards be paused) was well worth all the effort.  And soon I’ll have my piece of paper (aka diploma) and be done with Texas State.

Internship: This will get a post of its own.  Just know that I’m down to 4 weeks, half way through my second rotation, and experiencing growing pains along with joys.  I’ve also officially started my job hunt.  Sadly, there isn’t a job opening at my hospital otherwise I might be staying in Charleston.

Charleston sights: I’ve got a few things I still want to see or do.  In less than 2 weeks, I’ll run my first 10K with 60,000 other runners completing the Cooper River Bridge Run.  I still want to visit a plantation, go strawberry picking, and spend more time on the beach.  Once I get my pictures organized, I’ll share some of the sights I’ve seen.

Exercise/Nutrition: Lots of things moved to the back burner in the past month, but my exercise and nutrition hasn’t wavered.  Cycle class is rivaling my love of running.  I’m still training with Bryan and sad that our time is almost over.  Just like my internship topic, I have blog posts in the works to give more details behind my transformation and every day routine.

More crafting, fitness, and 2012 round up posts coming soon.  Please join me by continuing to choose joy each and every day with a grateful heart.

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One Response to Charleston Catch Up

  1. Janette says:

    Wow you’ve got so much going on! I can’t wait to read the details and am so, so excited about graduation! Praying for work and selfishly hoping that you find something close to us!

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