The last of Christmas break pictures

Are you prepared for a hodge podge of pictures?  I promise this is the last of the pictures from Christmas break!

My mom and I tried our hand at stamped jewelry.

We learned how to do this at Mo’s art retreat and this was our first time trying it on our own.

Silver plated spoons from Canton worked perfectly.

All the hammering left my mom’s ears ringing and all of my stress relieved.

One of my many priorities over the break was to see friends!  I caught up with Megan in Houston.

I thought Anthropologie would provide the perfect backdrop for a selfie (Megan was a little skeptical).

Another night, I went to see Justin and his new house.  It’s hard to believe he’s a homeowner at 24.  Before I left, we had fun with his typewriter.  I am always blessed by the times I visit with Justin.

In between all of my visiting, I made time for some sweat therapy.  Sometimes I made my own circuit or attended spin class at The Wellness Center.

One morning I went with Robin to a 5am bootcamp class.  It was just what I needed after several weeks being away from weights and training with Allison.  Two mile run (in freezing temps), kettle bell swings, squats, ab work, and amazing energy from the group made for an awesome boot camp.

There was the day I attempted an extra high make shift box jump and missed on my last jump.

This was the result.  Three months later, I still have a small bump and bruise.  I took a break from box jumps for a while and now have perfected my technique with my trainer, Bryan.

More often than not, I went running.  I ran my first 5 mile run with Robin.  It’s amazing how a running partner can push you.  I also found fun places to instagram my #mileaday pictures.


Well that’s all of my randomness on this Friday.  Next week I will have Charleston news and more details about my transformation.  Happy Good Friday!

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