Instagram Recap: 1st Week of February

Highlights from this week:

  1. Love my daily devotional in Jesus Calling.  Every morning I have some quiet reflective time on the shuttle bus to work.  It has been wonderful to have two friends join me in daily discussion and accountability as we all read Jesus Calling.
  2. I had an empty mailbox for over a week.  It made me rather sad.
  3. “Your part is to yield to My creative work in you, neither resisting it nor trying to speed it up.”
  4. Love finishing off my week with a killer workout and sweat therapy.  Make me feel SO good.
  5. HAPPY mail! Hooray!!! I was beginning to think the post office banned my mail after all the weird things I put in the big blue box. This makes my day!!#happymail #washitapelovin Thanks@melaniemomom!
  6. What goes up, must come down. First time running on Cooper River Bridge.#15mphwindisbrutal
  7. Found a hiking trail that led to beautiful marsh.
  8. Five miles of running.
  9. A little desk action this morning. My favorite things: Instagram bunting, washi tape, glitter R, and mason jar storage.
  10. Good Morning Charleston! #ilovesunrises
  11. Favorite line from spin class this morning: Don’t cheat yourself. Your feet brought you here for a reason.#sweattherapy
  12. Cycle class is the perfect start to my Saturdays.
  13. First green smoothie is a winner!#nomargaritasinthisblender
  14. Yummy green smoothies!
  15. The pile of textbooks and notes I have to study for my comprehensive exams.
  16. One of my favorite ways to end my day. #365daysofgratitude
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