48 Hours in Texas

After a month of studying, it was time to fly to Texas and retake my comprehensive exams.

I studied on the plane, soaked up the view from my window seat, and delighted in my first ever heart swizzle stick.

My feet were ready to touch Texas soil.  Megan so graciously hosted me.  She dropped me off at campus for a few hours more of studying.  Later that afternoon, we went running and were surprised at her apartment by some friendly faces.

Would you look at that sunset?  Spectacular!  Friday I took my exams and spent the night with Allison.  Three months a part was a long time!  Saturday left enough time to squeeze in a visit with Stephen before hopping back on an airplane.  I was surprised at my layover in Houston to visit with my dad and stepmom.  For spending less than 48 hours in Texas, I managed to see many of the faces I love.  Before I knew it, I was back on another airplane to SC watching the clouds change and the sun set.

The BEST news, I passed 2 of my exams and conditionally passed the 3rd.  I have to write an essay for the conditionally passed section and then I am good to graduate in May.  All the studying, worrying, and expensive trip to Texas was worth it!  Thank you for your prayers and patience as I devoted my last month and a half to studying.  I’m ready for my blog to be in real time and not catch up mode!

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