An aggie frame of mind

A week ago, I celebrated in College Station with some of my favorite girlfriends.  All of us were graduating and it was the last time we would all be together at A&M for a while.  Liza was graduating for the first time with her bachelor’s degree while the rest of us just finished up our masters.  As somewhat of a tradition among these girls, we always do something special for each person’s undergraduate graduation.  For the past few months, 8 of Liza’s closest friends had been brainstorming ideas.  We finally settled on a scavenger hunt that ended in the Aggie Ring office to add a diamond to her ring.  Follow along with the pictures to see how the day panned out.

Lauren, Desta, and I woke Liza up kinda early and scooped her up to head to the Aggie barn outside of Waco.  I was so excited to see other people taking pictures there so we could have someone take pictures of all of us.

That Friday was all about celebrating Liza!

She wasn’t super enthusiastic about early morning picture taking so Desta and Lauren jumped in for added entertainment.

We are so proud of Liza and wanted to capture her Aggie spirit.  After warming up to the picture taking, she really got into posing.

These three have been roomies for 3 years.

I am so thankful that God (and a little help from Lauren Payne) brought all of us together.

Now pictures don’t always show the full story.  This little gem shows their silliness quite well.

Lauren and Desta got in on the photo taking spree.

Love these girls so much!

This is our favorite picture of Liza from the entire day.  A candid picture that beautifully shows her spirit.

Then back to this goober with her “grumpy cat” face.

This mini photo shoot would not have been complete without some instagrammed photos along the way.

The second stop for photos was downtown Bryan.  We went to my favorite blue wall.

After lunch, we headed back to their house for graduation cap decorating and the start of the scavenger hunt.  Desta and I stayed up until 2am Wednesday night writing out all the clues.  We needed Liza to decorate her cap so we could stash it away for pictures in the scavenger hunt.

Clue 1: Decorating your cap is just the beginning of what’s in store for your day.  Say goodbye to College Station in a crazy kind of way.


Liza knew right away where the next clue would lead us.

Clue 2: Leave your mark here and play one last roud, while sippin’ on a beer just goofin’ around.

Off to the Chicken to play 42 and carve our names.  Desta carved her soon-to-be married initials.  I had no idea it was so difficult to carve that wood.

We gave Liza her next clue which led us down Northgate and onto campus.

Clue 3: We may not be celebrating an Aggie win, but let’s hop back to freshman year by taking a swim.  

Clue 4: Gather up your pennies and maybe a buck and leave Aggieland with a little more luck.

Pond hoping in Fish pond followed by pennies on Sully.

The rain didn’t stop us from one last visit to the MSC flag room and Kyle field.

Clue 5: Find where you are going next on the globe in a place that you can always call your home.

Clue 6. Saw varsity’s horns off and let your voice echo outside these famous walls; don’t worry there are no geckos.

From Kyle field, we made our way to the big aggie ring outside the Alumni building.  Liza is a geography major so we knew she would appreciate the latitude and longitude of her graduate school in Montana.

Clue 7: This isn’t the last hoorah for us, keep us close to your heart as you ramble your way to (45.66685* -111.051264*).  We’ve always been there for each other.  Go take some last pictures under the ring’s cover.  We love you and wish you the best of luck.

Liza’s sister made it to the big ring just in time before we scooted Liza into the building to head to the ring office.  We sneakily got Liza upstairs, planted the last clue card and waited for her reaction.  At first, she didn’t know what the “sparkle” meant.

Clue 8: You may have thought our ramblin’ adventure was done, but there’s one last chunk of fun.  We though your aggie ring could use a little bit more sparkle.

We walked her into the ring office with the diamonds ready to choose.  Then the tears started flowing.  Pure happiness and joy!

It was a day full of reminiscing and making last memories.  We were sad all the girls couldn’t make it for this day, but knew they were there in spirit (plus, two of the girls came in for Liza’s graduation ceremony the next day).  Love my Aggie girls.

“From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it.  And from the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.”

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2 Responses to An aggie frame of mind

  1. Lauren says:

    Words can’t express my love for this blog post!

  2. lizaharris says:

    I cannot begin to tell you how blessed and truly honored I am to have you girls as my best friends! Words cannot express the love I have for each of you and how thankful I am that you all put together such a special day for me. I will treasure it forever!



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