14 Days – A list

  1. I started working at Children’s Hospital of San Antonio (CHOSA) which is part of the Christus Santa Rosa network.  I promise I will share stories soon, but know that I absolutely LOVE this hospital, its mission, and the impact of Child Life to patients and families.  This job was well worth the wait!
  2. Pumpkins have arrived at my apartment.  I probably have more than 20 big and small pumpkins all around.  Fall is my favorite because of pumpkins.
  3. Along with pumpkins as decoration, I have tried at least 7 different pumpkin items from Trader Joes.  Have I mentioned I like pumpkin?  I hadn’t discovered TJ’s last fall so naturally  I needed to try the seasonal items.
  4. I go to bed early (just like old times).  If I make it in bed before 9 p.m., it is amazing!  Otherwise, I aim for before 10 p.m. unless I stay on the phone talking to Robyn for 2 hours.
  5. I love Trader Joes!  I’ve already made 4 trips.  Rocks my world!
  6. I am becoming more and more disconnected with social media and more connected with people.  Being present has been a huge theme lately.  Have you noticed my lack of Facebook/Instagram action?  I’m not giving up blogging and need to get back in the habit of regular posts.
  7. During the work day, it is rare I’m on my cell phone.  I love that the entire department eats lunch together and connects.  This is something unlike any hospital I’ve been at.
  8. There are so many good radio stations to choose from.  My radio is on KLOVE 95% of the time.
  9. After reading 200+ pages of policies, I’m happy to report I’m only 1/3 of the way done.  Good news is orientation to all the units is finally starting so I’m having direct patient interactions – Hooray!
  10. I’ve already had local and out of town visitors.  Anyone is welcome to come visit or send me mail!
  11. In the past two days, I have gotten more things fixed/warranty replaced than I’ve ever done.  New otter box and tervis cup are coming soon, watch battery replaced, and bracelet mailed off for repair.  Accomplishments.
  12. My most treasured item in my new apartment is my automatic ice maker.  Ice makes me happy.
  13. Slowly, but surely, mail is going out.  If you want some happy mail, comment below!
  14. God is ever present and ever faithful.  I have a grateful heart and full cup from the blessings being poured out in front of me.
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3 Responses to 14 Days – A list

  1. Kathryn Head says:

    You might get some happy mail to if I can get the new address 🙂

  2. Momma says:

    Always love seeing my girl joyous!

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