A day in the life

Maybe that title should say “a week in the life” because that’s what this blog post is, a week’s worth of pictures.  For those of you who don’t have an Instagram account, I’ve realized you miss out on some of my daily pictures.  This will get you completely up to speed.

Here’s my desk at work and I have my own filing cabinet.  All my Child Life books, binders, and materials have a home other than my apartment – hooray!


This past week of my orientation started full days of coverage at the Children’s Kidney Center.  This meant I could start implementing daily group activities for kiddos who receive dialysis every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  One of the days I did sand painting (paint mixed with sand) and let the kids choose to paint Halloween things or whatever they wanted.  The kidney center is in an outpatient building right across from the hospital, so I loaded everything up on a cart and headed over.  I’m not afraid of messes or wheeling a cart around.

One particular child who typically only watches TV really engaged in the activity.  She ended up painting 10 pictures.

My Instagram caption read: Going to bed tonight grateful for the opportunity to use my gifts in a career I love. | I worked with a patient who counts down the minutes left of dialysis upon entering the clinic. My day was made after creating 10 sensory paintings with her and she declares “I still hate coming here, but at least I have something that I love.” I reflected with questions asking what she loves and she responded with her joy from painting. It really is the simple little things that can change a child’s perspective. #healingministry #useyourgifts #homegrownjoy#promotingcreativity #thepowerofplay

Here’s an up close view of the sand painting.  The texture was unfamiliar to all the kids.

I know I’m a real Child Life Specialist when I start receiving Child Life catalogs in the mail.

This is a recipe I want to try.  It has rave reviews from my cousin Amanda.  Did I mention this blog post would be random?

I cooked dinner for Amanda, Mike, & the kids this week.  This is the seasoning I used on the salmon and it is so tasty.

Mail, mail, and more mail went out and is going out tomorrow!  Check out that new washi tape!

I’m taking Brene Brown’s e-course based on her book The Gifts of Imperfection.  The class discusses principles from the book and leads participants in art journaling.  I love using my art supplies in the middle of the week!

This selfie was required as part of the journaling last week.  Fuzzy, overexposed, and totally imperfect – it is just right for the journal.

My schedule requires to be very flexible at work during this orientation period.  So for now I will:

Keep watching for new blog posts.  I hope to make that part of my daily routine (or at least weekly!).  Much joy!!

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3 Responses to A day in the life

  1. Emma’s gonna be excited!

  2. Momma says:

    I’ll be willing to try the Paleo snickerdoodles this weekend for you! =-)

  3. Janette says:

    Beautiful post, Riley. You are loved just as you are. You are beautiful. The part about the little girl painting brought tears to my eyes. I am so grateful for you! God is good!

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