MoJoy Color Finder 1.0 – Day 3

On to day 3!  Lisa did a better job taking more Christmas pictures around the house.  Here are some of the living room.


We all were excited to have our last growth lesson in the cottage.  After reading Mo’s blog for years and hearing about the cottage, it was about time I finally got to see the inside!  It was all decked for the Christmas season too.


Today’s law was the Law of the Rubberband.  If we aren’t seeking opportunities to stretch and acting on them, we will not see personal growth.   “Growth Stops When You Lose the Tension Between Where You Are and Where You Could Be.”

In John Maxwell’s book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, he describes seven ways that this stretching enables us to grow:
Recently in one of my Mastermind Groups, one of the participants told a story about a forty-six year old woman that works at Starbucks.  She had made the statement “At my age it is too late to change.”  She was not satisfied with her job but had resigned to the fact that it was all there was.  Sadly, most people don’t want to take the risk to stretch beyond their comfort zone.
Again referring back to the woman in no. 1, she had settles for simply “having a job.”  That’s the ultimate goal, a paycheck – Right?  Not really.  Most of us want more out of life yet settle for “good enough.”  At the end of the day, “good enough” is not going the provide the fulfillment we desire.
Any stretching towards change or a goal has to come from within.  Looking at the world’s view of success will typically paint a picture of financial success.  We need to look inside and determine what success really looks like.
Stretching will take us from where we are to where we want to be.  This will always require some type of change in what we are currently doing.  I love the quote “keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.”  Think about it … if you really want a change, you better be prepared to stretch.
Most people don’t want to stretch.  They don’t want to leave their comfort zone.  By being intentional about stretching, you are setting yourself apart from the majority.
Identifying your passion and purpose will give you clarity on what it is you want to do.  As you stretch towards these new goals, you will actually see a change in your lifestyle.  You will begin to align yourself with like-minded individuals and begin to create an environment conducive to this growth.
What kind of legacy will you currently leave?  When we stretch beyond where we currently are, we increase the probability of positively impacting those around us.  When we influence others in a positive way we begin to create and live the legacy we were meant to.

The bottom line is that if we don’t keep that tension between where we are and where we want to be, we will simply stay right where we are.  How tight are you willing to stretch that rubber band?

We attempted a group picture outside of the cottage, but it was a little too bright!

So we moved to the porch.

The veterans – all of us have been to 2 or more retreats.

The brave newbies!

We wrapped up Sunday with 2 last activities.  First, we wrote in each other’s journals.  At this point our journals were pretty full of all kinds of inspiration.  We topped them off with personal notes of affirmation.


Some ladies were lucky enough to get some Ellie Sue artwork on Friday night when the girls came over.

Mo didn’t have time to finish her book, but I still took pictures for inspiration anyway.

Everyone was given pre-cut canvas fabric to write our dreams on.  This was something that would stay with Mo and become fabric bunting she can hang at every retreat and have others add to it.  The small piece of canvas was used for our last project.


We had a dream necklace to make using the canvas strip and a glass bottle.


We used the jewelry skills from Friday night to attach everything with jump rings.

Some of the finished products.

I also got my talisman back (only took a year) and Mo added my hospital logo colors to it.  I loved it paired with my dream necklace.


More pictures taken from Lisa’s instagram.  I skipped the Duck Commander field trip after the retreat.  We talked Duck Dynasty so much all weekend that we knew Amy from Wisconsin had to go by before her flight.


Loved the quote Lisa chose for her bracelet.

Our journals were so spectacular!


Now for the last pictures with Mo.


Mo being MO!

This retreat was my favorite out of the 3 I’ve attended.  Mo has mastered the balance of teaching techniques, creating meaningful art, teaching personal growth principles, and forming new connections.  Each project was intentionally chosen and facilitated opportunities to grow.  This retreat experience not only offers opportunities to learn more about yourself, but provides the tools to “joyfully use your gifts, to brighten the lives of others.”  We walked away fired up to go share our experiences and continue living authentically.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you haven’t attended a MoJoy retreat get on the bandwagon.  They are awesome and I’ll definitely be coming back!

Thank you Mo for opening your home, being away from your family, and sharing your gifts with us.  Your spirit and joy are unlike others and we appreciate you!

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One Response to MoJoy Color Finder 1.0 – Day 3

  1. Lisa Hickman says:

    Enjoyed the retreat so much! Loved seeing you Reily again! Your croissants were delish! I can’t wait till next year! 💗🎨

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