Happy 2014!!

Well it’s only been a few months since I blogged new posts.  I’m ready to play catch up covering the fun that happened in November and December.  First, though, I’m going to fill you in on what 2014 has brought.

I made it past my 90 orientation for work.  In less than 2 weeks, I’ll hit my 4 month mark.  Currently, I’m providing Child Life to Children’s Kidney Center 3 days a week and cover inpatient Intermediate Care the other 2 days.  I love my job and the daily blessings that come from serving patients and families.  I am assuming a few more responsibilities particularly with coordinating volunteers.  My hours also shifted from 10 hour days to a standard 8 hour day.  This has allowed for more time for personal activities outside of work.

I have settled on a church and am happy to see the Young Adult ministry offering many events this month.  I have decided to slow down on crossfit training to focus on spinning and running.  I am signed up for a few spring 5k and 10k runs with a potential 1/2 marathon in April.  I’m waiting to see how the 10k’s and my training with the SA road runners go before I sign up for the half.  I definitely want to do the BCS half marathon in December.  Everything finally seems to be smoothing out and all the pieces have fallen into place.

Now for my month of January in pictures!


Highlights from my morning include slipping on ice (I have a nice purple bruise!), defrosting my truck for 30 min and scraping ice with my Texas State ID (I don’t need that anymore and I certainly wasn’t going to use my Aggie one), and then taking an hour to safely get into work.

This weekend and two weeks ago, I spent much needed time to catch up with blog reading, emails, and trying to fight off illness.  It seems everyone is sick this month.

I finally settled on my word for 2014 – dare.  More details to follow about this one little word.

Earlier in January, I tackled another organizational project for my New Braunfels family I babysit.  Megan (the mom) and I had been planning a closet overhaul for her in the new year.  In less than 6 hours, we transformed her closet and purged quite a lot.





Do you ever take pictures while you shop?  This is like window shopping, but using your phone.  I took a picture of these mats to remember when I order new supplies for my unit at the hospital.

I sent Robyn pictures of these cards for inspiration when she makes her valentine’s next month.


I really liked this brand of paper products.


I got some pretty awesome happy mail in February.  I have some goodies to send out in February.

Before Robyn flew back to Pittsburgh, we made a few pit stops in Austin.  This bakery was having their grand opening.  Previously, they just had a food trailer.  They catered the cupcakes at Lexi’s wedding last year.


We also shopped for cute hooks for Megan’s closet makeover.  I knew she wanted cute hooks for jewelry storage.  It’s always fun to shop for others!



Paper Source is a block away from Anthropologie and is our favorite.  I loved these scalloped hearts in their windows.

My friend Lauren and I continue to share morning texts about our Jesus Calling reading for the day.

When I received my new 2014 work planner, I promptly put on my MoJoy sticker from the art retreat last fall.  I had been waiting to put it on something I use daily.

I really liked this quote and how cute is the packaging for that candle?  They had all sorts of colors of mason jars.


Funny books


Always like “R” letters.  All of these shopping pictures came from stores at The Pearl in San Antonio.  The Pearl has a Saturday farmer’s market and several permanent store fronts.  It was a gorgeous Saturday to enjoy the weather and charming area of the city.


My mom and aunt came to San Antonio for some extra girl time while Robyn was still in the state.  They got to experience The Pearl and stay on the river walk.  It was just as much fun as our New Year’s weekends at Canton.


When my kids were back from Christmas, I knew I wanted to do bubble wrap painting with them.  I had different size circles cut out to make snow men.  That same day marketing needed patients for an Easter themed photo shoot.  I volunteered my patients and quickly modified my planned activity for an Easter theme.  When the quarterly hospital magazine is published, I’ll post a link here.

More inspiring books or art


Happy mail from Emma Burns.  Her letters are always so precious!

These were the words I was contemplating for 2014.

My current favorite song -especially when it plays on my morning drive to work.

That’s it for my January round up.  The joy from time spent with family spilled over from December into this month.  I have many many blessings to be grateful for.  I hope your 2014 has begun with a joyful and grateful heart.

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3 Responses to Happy 2014!!

  1. Amy K says:

    Awesome things happening for you (except the ice storm)! I’m hoping to catch up with you again, sometime this year, as some MoJoy dates are in the works. 🙂

  2. ChristyG says:

    Loved your update! You should try to keep a can of de icer in your truck. Never knew about it until my husband enlightened me years ago. Hope to see you sometime this year.

  3. Emma giggled and said, “She put me on her blog!!!”

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