Megan’s Art Party!

Back in December, I packed my bags to head to Houston for an art party.  Instead of attending the class, I was teaching it!!  My friend, Megan, had invited many of her friends to come and paint two canvases.  We did a ornament for Christmas and a collaborative canvas.  Here’s how the class turned out.

I prepped a LOT of canvases the night before.  Sixteen to be exact.  Did I mention this was a BIG party?

At Megan’s house, we set up 3 tables in addition to her kitchen table.  Each spot had everything each girl would need, a palate, paint, brushes, water, etc.

Most of the teaching took place with the ornament canvas.  I demonstrated shadowing/highlighting and complementary colors.  Most of these girls knew exactly what they wanted and had no hesitation to jump right in.


While the ornament backgrounds dried, we started on the collaborative canvases.  I set up each table with different tools to try.  The idea of a collaborative canvas is each person gets a chance to try new tools or techniques and has a piece of art that everyone contributed too.

We had stencils, brayers, stamps, sprays, foam pouncers, toilet paper rolls, a comb, and lots of other choices for each station.

One of the goals was to give up control on your own canvas.  It was the choice of whoever was working on it to decide paint colors and design.

That was more difficult for some to follow.


While the background of the collaborative dried, we moved on to the foreground of the ornaments.  Almost everyone wanted glitter for their ornament.

This was all, but 5 of the girls who attended.


A few more close up shots of collaborative painting results.  Once the backgrounds dried, it was up to each person to decide it they wanted to add anything, highlight certain features, or leave it just as it was.

It was a really fun group and party.  My goal is to do more Saturday parties either for children or adults.  If you are interested in hosting a parting, please let me know.

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