Crafting with Gretchen

As we continue down memory lane, now we’re stopping off in November.  Gretchen is a long time family friend that lives in Blanco (which is close to San Antonio).  While I was in grad school, we made a couple visits to each other and now that I’m back in central Texas it was time for another catch up.  Gretchen is basically the 10 years older version of me.  She’s into Pinterest, crafting, kids, southern hospitatlity, and has the sweetest charm.

On my drive, I took a snap shot of a color combo I liked.  It was intentional.

After dinner and the boys going crazy, we dug right in to crafting.  Kelly, Gretchen’s husband, kept Max entertained while the rest of us got busy.  I brought colored bakers twine, washi tape, and pre-punched Christmas paper.  Jake wasn’t into making bunting so he got busy making tangles, key chains, and unraveling the twine.


Gretchen loved the idea for some Christmas garland.  This was mini-sized, but she knew she could layer it with bunting to make it substantial.  For her garland, the used a tape runner to stick two ovals together with the twine between.  No measuring or pattern – just eye ball it!  I went with a washi tape mini bunting.  I made flags by folding washi tape over the twine and then cutting a triangle out to make a flag.  Again, I didn’t measure the washi and made it work!


Jake soon discovered HE could use the tape runner, hole punch, and make something.

So he made me a washi tape, twine, and paper ring.

Finished results!!


I couldn’t miss out on hanging out with Max too!  We had fun discovering how to take selfies on my phone.


He found the button….

and got to snapping!

Gretchen planned to hang her garland over the mirror in the dining room.

Before we knew it, play time was up and it was time for some Christmas stories.


I can’t wait to visit again in the spring.  How about Easter crafting next time Gretchen?


What crafty thing have you made lately or pinned on Pinterest?

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