Sweet Aggie Friendship

Way back in May, some of my closest Aggie friends and I planned a pretty special day.  The last of “our” group was graduating and we wanted to give her something extra special.  I couldn’t count the amount of texts we sent to each other brainstorming what we should give Liza for her special day.  In this random brain of mine, came the idea of an Aggie scavenger hunt.  The hunt would lead her through memory lane and end with a big surprise.

So the night before the big day, Desta and I spent several hours creating clever clues to include all 8 spots we had in mind.  The rest of the girls took Liza out of the house so we could have time to plan.


Then Saturday morning started with a little bit of crankiness, homemade breakfast from Lauren, and more anticipation than I could contain.  If you don’t know by now, I’m easily excitable and pretty perky in the morning!  We started on the right foot with a selfie posted to Instagram.


We contemplated blindfolding Liza to arrive at the first location, but strayed against that idea.  Less than a hour later, we arrived a little outside of Hearne to have a quick photo shoot at the Aggie Barn.

We waited our turn for pictures (there were lots taking pictures on graduation weekend) and passed the time with a few iPhone pictures.

Then it was time to go!

These two provide distraction behind the camera!

Liza quickly warmed up to the picture taking.

Then we got in the action!

Lauren was responsible for making us laugh.  “Grump cat” got laughs every time.

Liza received her first clue once we were back in the truck.  We made a pit stop at the best place to take pictures in downtown Bryan before heading to Casa Rod’s for lunch.

After catching lunch with a few of our girls who couldn’t come on the scavenger hunt, the 3rd clue led us home to decorate graduation caps.  Lauren and Liza both decorated their caps and had a little break from all the running around.

With caps done and Liza’s secretly stashed in Lauren’s purse, we read the 4th clue and headed to the Chicken.

We walked from North Gate over to campus to hit a few landmarks.  Pond hopping was up first which took us back to freshman year!

Then we went to put a penny on Sully, headed to the flag room, and Kyle Field.  Those clues blended into each other with the impending downpour of rain.

Liza thought meeting her sister at the giant Aggie ring was the surprise at the end.  When actually there was a little something more.  Lauren pulled out Liza’s newly decorated cap and gown for pictures.  Then we made our way to the ring association office.  That’s we she got the final clue telling her all her friends were giving her a diamond to add to her Aggie ring.  She was so shocked and had tears falling as she realized what was happening.

While all of our Wild Ramblin’ Women couldn’t be there, they were felt in spirit.

We loved celebrating you, Liza.  Keep spreading your joy!

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2 Responses to Sweet Aggie Friendship

  1. Lauren P. says:

    I don’t know how you remember every detail! Looking at the pictures brings back such great memories!

  2. Liza Harris says:

    Y’all bought me my first diamond! I put on my Aggie ring every single day and when I look down and see that diamond I think of what amazing friends y’all are. 🙂

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